Find a Job Title

Companies that do good hire for real jobs — jobs that have previously existed, jobs that the last generation understand, and jobs that are generally well-known. There are jobs for accountants, lawyers, project managers, coders, account directors, social media managers, but none entitled: ‘do good’.

Before you apply for a job, you need to know what hard skills you have and how they could be described in a job title. More often than not, good companies hire for traditional job titles.

  1. Search and write down 10 job titles that interest you, regardless of the kind of company or industry the job is in. This is the one exception where it is actually worth your time to browse a job site.

  2. For each job title, make a list of the concrete skills it requires. Reflect on how these skills differ from your skills inventory

  3. Add skills you may have missed to your list of skills to learn

  4. Hold on to the job titles and descriptions that you relate to. These will be the job titles that the companies you want to work for will need, whether they know it or not. Use this knowledge when you Send This Email to the Company You Want to Work For