Find Your Future Boss

Being ready to find your future boss is a critical juncture in your job search. This shows you have done the research, work and self-reflection necessary to get here. Choosing who to reach out then becomes part intuition and part guesswork, and deserves its own set of steps.

  1. Review your company list and choose the top three companies that you could learn the most from.
  2. Identify three individuals in each company.
  3. Refine your target. If the company has less than 60 employees go for the CEO. If the company is bigger than 60 people, then choose someone you would want to work with and go one or two levels up the corporate ladder. You will likely get passed down, but it is better to be passed down than to be passed over.
  4. Find their contact information. If you are having trouble figuring out how to contact your future boss then map your network 
  5. Once you have identified a potential boss, contact them by sending them the email that will get you an interview