Make a Company List

Make a list of companies or organizations that you are interested in working for. Think laterally. This task is about letting go of any preconceived ideas of where you should work, and instead, build a comprehensive list of companies based on what they can teach you and how close they can get you to your career goal.

It cannot be overstated that our paths are not linear. As long as you have a plan you shouldn’t be afraid of learning while working in adjacent industries. It could take you two years to get your dream job, so stay focused on where you want to go, and let go of the idea that you should be there right now.

  1. Review your to learn list
  2. Create a list of companies and jobs where you could learn these skills.
  3. Reorder the list of companies and jobs from the ones that can teach you the most skills to the ones that can teach you the least.
  4. Choose the top company,  Find Your Future Boss and then send them this email